PowerBill Utility Billing Solutions is an Alberta-based energy provider of natural gas and electricity, operating out of Calgary since 2010. Geared towards residential clients and small business owners, PowerBill delivers an impressive combination of competitive rates, stellar customer service, accessible payment options, and environmentally-friendly electronic billing and some of the lowest administrative fees out there. 

We started PowerBill with the purpose of providing electricity and natural gas services across the province with competitive floating rates and transparency in billing. There are no vague or hidden fees and our administrative fees are some of the very lowest in the industry. In recent years, we have expanded to include high-speed internet services, all in an effort to support our goals to increase green business practices throughout every aspect of our company.

about powerbill

Alberta, Born and Bred

At PowerBill, we know how special it is to call Alberta home. This stretch of land is home to vastly different terrain and some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. With such a large land area to cover, Albertans depend on reliable energy services for both rural and urban regions. We’re proud to serve our friends, neighbours, and colleagues from around the province, with the trademark Alberta friendliness that defines our customer service and commitment to excellence.


Meet the PowerBill team! We are passionate about the services we provide to help make life better every day for Albertans.
Scott Birkby

Scott Birkby


Scott is a seasoned entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of logistics and supply chain management. With a background in natural gas and renewable energy sectors, Scott leads the growth of PowerBill and our overall vision of providing Albertans with cost-conscious, reliable energy.

Mike Allan

Mike Allan


In addition to PowerBill, Mike has built a number of successful companies across a range of industries and expertise, designing and managing the growth of these companies into scalable operations or successful exits and mergers. He excels in strategic planning, interactive marketing and advertising, online and mobile application development, and database architecture.

Jodie Allan

Jodie Allan

General Manager

Jodie manages the day-to-day operations of development, customer service, payments, and settlements. An expert at navigating both vendor and client relationships, she is responsible for usage monitoring and billing, customer service, and coordination of energy representatives.

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