How Internet Rates Are Determined

Mar 17, 2021Blog, Internet

Now more than ever, Albertan households and businesses need reliable internet services to stay connected. Today, consumers can choose the internet service provider (ISP) they buy their service from. Many Albertans buy their internet services from independent retailers (like us!) who strive to offer a better deal than the big corporations do. Not all ISPs are the same, however; when choosing your internet service provider, it’s essential to know how your monthly charges are calculated to ensure you’re making the right choice for you, your business, or your family.

To help you make the right choice, you’ll find a brief overview of how PowerBill determines your internet rates, along with more information about how keeping it simple with PowerBill can make internet service easier than ever.

Buying Access on the Wholesale Market

Before PowerBill (or any other retailer) can sell a customer an internet service, we must first buy access to a network from a cable or telephone company. The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) regulates the wholesale rates for network access, as well as the terms and conditions under which large companies can sell access to retailers like us. In Alberta, the CRTC does not regulate retail Internet service prices for consumers, meaning households and businesses are free to choose the best ISP for their needs and budget.

To learn more about the factors that influence wholesale internet rates pricing, visit the CTRC website.

Charging a Fair Price for Our Customers

Once a retailer has purchased network access, they’re free to charge customers whatever price they want for internet services. At PowerBill, we’re all about keeping it simple; our plans offer reliable, affordable internet access for households and small businesses.

Your monthly rate is directly related to your internet’s download and upload speed. For example, our Internet 30 plan is our most affordable option at $49.99/mo, featuring 30 MBps download speed, more than enough for one user to watch Netflix in 4K without lag. However, our other plans (Such as our Internet 300 plan) will have up to 10x faster download speeds, allowing more users and devices to use your internet connection at once without experiencing delays.

Plans That Meet Your Needs with PowerBill

Basic internet service shouldn’t be complicated; households and businesses shouldn’t have to navigate long-term contracts and hidden charges to stay connected. With unlimited data, no contract, and no hidden markups or fees, PowerBill’s commitment to keeping it simple gives our customers clarity and peace of mind when it comes to their internet service.

In addition to reliable internet service, PowerBill proudly offers residential and commercial electricity and natural gas service across Alberta. Bundle your services with PowerBill and save with lower fees, fewer payments, and discounted internet access!

At PowerBill, we strive to be the easy choice for Albertans. This starts with making it easier than ever to get started. Simply fill out our online signup form, submit it to us, and let us do the rest. We’ll work with you to seamlessly transition from your current provider to get you connected.

Looking For Easy Internet Access?

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