Keeping It Simple with Alberta’s All-In-One Utilities Provider

Jun 22, 2021Blog, Electricity, Internet, Natural Gas

Electricity and natural gas are essentials that every Albertan needs. From dependable heating and fuel for appliances and electricity to power daily life, every household needs reliable, affordable access to their utilities. With less time and money spent on utilities, you’ll have more freedom to do the things you enjoy. An energy provider that can take care of all of your needs in one place can save you time, money, and hassle.

PowerBill proudly offers simple, straightforward utility services for residential and commercial customers across Alberta. Our fixed and floating rates are some of the lowest available today, matched with exceptional service provided by Albertans, for Albertans. Learn more about the benefits of choosing PowerBill for electricity and natural gas below.

Everything You Need, On Your Terms

For more than a decade, PowerBill has proudly served our friends, neighbours, and colleagues across Alberta. We’ve experienced firsthand the diversity in this province; every home and small business is unique, and each has equally unique needs from its utility providers. No matter what you’re looking for in your utilities, PowerBill strives to deliver industry-leading service coupled with rate plans that allow you to get the most out of your energy.

Today, PowerBill offers industry-leading fixed and floating rate natural gas plans for our residential customers. No matter whether you’re looking for stability and security in a fixed rate or aggressive floating rates to save long-term in a volatile market, PowerBill gives you the freedom to make the right choice for your household. Whichever you choose, PowerBill is committed to transparency, with no hidden fees, no cancellation penalties, and hassle-free service every step of the way.

For business, PowerBill offers highly competitive floating rates that help support your growth through low overhead costs.

One Provider, One Payment, Zero Hassle

Whether you’re a household or a small business, everybody wants quick, painless access to their utility information. At PowerBill, we strive to make managing your services simple and straightforward with easy-to-use online tools that make powering your home a breeze.

By bundling electricity and natural gas with PowerBill, you can manage your utilities effortlessly without having to contact (and pay!) multiple providers. Easily manage your account details through our online portal, with the ability to arrange automatic payments, update contact details, access your energy rates and readings, and more. Our paperless digital bills are easily accessible from desktop and mobile devices, and a single monthly payment minimizes transaction fees from your bank or credit card company.

At PowerBill, we give you the power to make the right utility choices for your household or small business. Whether you choose fixed or floating rates, PowerBill’s hassle-free signup, service transfers, and cancellations make it easy to change or remove services at any time. With no contracts or cancellation fees, our customers can choose the best utility service for them, any time.

Keep It Simple & Save

Every utility service provider has fees, but some companies are more straightforward than others. Nobody likes the feeling of finding vague fees, hidden mark-ups, and other charges bundled in with their essential utility service. When you use more than one utility provider with hidden fees, it can be startling how much you’re spending on top of basic usage for power and natural gas!

While many of our competitors use vague and confusing terms to describe their billing practices, PowerBill aims to keep things simple. You’ll never find a long-term contract or hidden fees rolled into your service; value adds like default electronic billing help keep our administration fees among the lowest available in Alberta. It’s part of our commitment to fairness, transparency, and unbeatable value for our customers.

Looking For An All-In-One Utility Provider For Power and Natural Gas?

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