Keeping It Simple with PowerBill Natural Gas Service

Sep 28, 2021Blog, Natural Gas

In Alberta, residential and commercial customers can purchase natural gas services from any of their area’s natural gas providers. For many Albertans, the choice can feel overwhelming; today, many companies offer fixed, floating, and regulated rate natural gas plans. At the end of the day, however, most households and businesses want the same thing: simple, reliable, and affordable natural gas service that meets their unique needs.

PowerBill has proudly provided industry-leading electricity and natural gas service for customers across Alberta for the last decade. Today, we continue to work to keep utilities simple, accessible, and affordable for households and small businesses across Alberta. Discover the benefits of choosing PowerBill’s natural gas service below.

Simple Utility Solutions

At PowerBill, we firmly believe that utility service shouldn’t be complicated for Albertans. Households and businesses shouldn’t have to struggle to figure out lengthy contracts, be surprised by hidden fees, or feel cheated by a utility companies’ tricks to get the natural gas service they need for heat, cooking, and other household essentials.

PowerBill’s fixed and floating rate plans for natural gas make utilities simple for both residential and commercial customers. With no hidden markups, no hidden fees, and some of the lowest administration fees in Alberta today, PowerBill’s commitment to keeping it simple gives our customers straightforward natural gas service they can depend on. Whether you’re looking for fixed-rate stability or want to take advantage of savings on a floating rate, PowerBill is an easy, cost-saving choice for Albertans’ natural gas needs.

Complete Control Over Your Energy

Our commitment to keeping it simple starts from the very beginning! Simply fill out our online signup form and let our team handle the rest. We’ll work to make your transition from your previous partner smooth and easy.

Once you’re with us, PowerBill’s fast and efficient online portal gives you complete control over your energy. PowerBill customers can access their energy rates, readings, and billing information both at home and on the go using your desktop or mobile device. Even better, bundling electricity service with PowerBill lets you access all of your utility information in one convenient place. One provider, one payment, one source for all of your utility needs; just one of many ways PowerBill makes utilities simple for our customers.

Prefer to speak with somebody about your needs? No problem! Unlike many companies in our province today, PowerBill understands the best people to help Albertans with their utilities are, well, other Albertans! We don’t outsource our customer support, ever; when you reach out, you’ll be working with a member of our Calgary-based service team eager to answer your questions and find ways to help.

When you choose PowerBill, you’re never locked in. There are no contracts, no hidden fees, and no penalties for changing or ending services, leaving you free to make the right energy choice for your household or business whenever you like. Not sure we’re right for your needs? No worries! We’ll be happy to help you transfer service to another natural gas provider with ten days’ notice—no strings attached, no exit fees, no hassle.

Ready to Get Started Saving with PowerBill?

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