PowerBill’s Complete Third-Party Billing Solutions

Jan 5, 2022Blog, Electricity, Natural Gas, Third Party Billing

With Alberta energy prices reaching historic highs, many businesses and property owners are looking to take more control over their utilities by becoming their own retailers. Whether you’re an REA, a natural gas co-op, an industrial operation, or even a residential property manager, everybody wants simple, affordable access to electricity and natural gas for themselves and their tenants. Rather than leaving your fate up to the big corporations, many organizations choose to become their own retailer with the help of a third-party billing provider, giving them access to affordable wholesale pricing and the control they need to make the right decisions for their business.

Since 2010, PowerBill has provided comprehensive third-party billing solutions for organizations across Alberta looking to keep utilities simple. Today, our commitment to simplicity, accountability, and value allows us to provide industry-leading billing solutions that make utilities simple for you and your stakeholders. Learn more about how PowerBill third-party billing can help below.

Total Billing Solutions

For over a decade, PowerBill has proudly offered utility services for residential and commercial customers across Alberta. Our robust, flexible billing platform allows us to provide our customers with straightforward utility service that keeps customers informed about their energy consumption. Our third-party billing services leverage this platform to offer complete solutions tailored to every business’s unique needs.

When your operation chooses PowerBill, you gain access to our highly competitive wholesale pricing for electricity and natural gas. You also retain your Retailer ID, control over your customer information, and the freedom to make choices that make sense for your business. We’re committed to providing control and insight into your customer data through in-depth reporting and information. Finally, our dedicated support team is ready to provide industry-leading service anywhere in Alberta.

PowerBill makes it easy for any operation to provide powerful billing solutions tailored to their unique needs. Working with PowerBill gives your customers and tenants access to the modern, time-saving features they expect, including:

  • Paperless invoicing by default (paper billing as required)
  • Direct funds transfer (EFT) and credit card payment options
  • Easy online access through our online portal
  • And more!

PowerBill gives organizations the tools they need to make utilities simple for your neighbours, colleagues, and customers, all while providing total control over your utility service.

Utilities By Albertans, For Albertans

PowerBill has proudly called Alberta home for the last 20 years and is privileged to help our friends, neighbours, and colleagues get the most out of their utility service. Unlike many companies operating in our area, we believe the best people to help Albertans with their utility service are Albertans themselves. When you reach out to us for support, you’ll be speaking with our Calgary-based service team, not an outsourced support call centre across the globe. It’s part of our promise to provide simple, straightforward, and affordable utility services for all Albertans.

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