Simple Natural Gas Service for Edmonton with PowerBill

Oct 5, 2021Blog, Natural Gas

With temperatures dropping and winter just around the corner, many Edmontonians will be relying on their natural gas service for heat, cooking, and more. For most residential and commercial customers, reliability and affordability are at the top of their priority lists when it comes to natural gas; while Edmonton’s natural gas infrastructure ensures dependable service for everyone, some retailers charge hidden markups, complicated fees, and use other tricks that can make natural gas more expensive than it needs to be.

With natural gas prices predicted to fall well below most companies’ fixed-rate offerings, there’s never been a better time for Edmontonians to switch to a provider with natural gas service and billing that works for you. Today, PowerBill proudly offers floating rate natural gas services that give residential and commercial customers transparency, peace of mind, and value in their utilities. Read on to discover how PowerBill can make utilities simple for you below.

Simple Floating Rates

PowerBill’s floating rate natural gas plans offer Edmontonians an affordable alternative to RRO providers and fixed-rate independent retailers. Our markup is only $0.89/GJ on top of the wholesale price, providing residential and commercial customers with one of the fairest deals available in Alberta today. If we spend less on natural gas, we pass the savings directly to you, no questions asked. Our floating rates are significantly lower than many companies on the market today, especially when compared to fixed-rate contracts offered by larger corporations.

Best of all, PowerBill remains committed to open, transparent billing for our customers, with no signup fees, no hidden fees, no cancellation penalties, and some of the lowest administration fees in Alberta today. With PowerBill, you always know exactly what you’re paying for: simple, reliable natural gas service by Albertans, for Albertans.

Simple Support

As an Alberta-owned and operated business, PowerBill is proud to help our friends, neighbours, and colleagues across the province get the service they need from people they trust. Unlike much of our competition, PowerBill believes that Albertans are the best people to help Albertans with their natural gas needs. Our Calgary-based service centre is ready and waiting to help you with all of your questions and concerns; it’s part of our commitment to providing simple, straightforward service that exceeds your expectations.

Simple Signup

PowerBill is committed to keeping it simple from start to finish, including making it easy to sign up today! Get started with our online signup form and let us take care of the rest. We’ll work to help you transition from your previous provider quickly and painlessly.

Ready to Start Saving with PowerBill?

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