Take Control of Your Natural Gas with PowerBill’s Third-Party Billing for Industry

Feb 10, 2022Blog, Natural Gas

Today in Alberta, many industrial operations are looking to take control over their utilities. Many large-scale operations opt to self-retail their natural gas service, taking advantage of wholesale natural gas pricing while retaining the control they need to make the right decisions for their business. If your operation is looking to self-retail for natural gas services, you need a third-party billing provider with the right platform to help you fully understand your consumption and expenses. With the right information on your side, self-retailing and third-party billing can help operations maximize value and return on investment for key stakeholders.

PowerBill proudly provides complete third-party billing solutions for industrial operations across Alberta. Today, our commitment to simplicity, accountability, and value allows us to provide industry-leading natural gas billing that makes utilities simple for you and your stakeholders. Learn more about how PowerBill third-party billing can add value to your operation below.

Complete Billing Solutions for Industry

For the last decade, PowerBill has proudly offered utility services for residential, commercial, and industrial customers across Alberta. Our robust, flexible billing platform allows us to provide our customers with straightforward utility service while keeping them fully informed about their energy consumption. Our third-party billing services leverage this platform to offer complete solutions tailored to every business’s unique needs.

When your operation chooses PowerBill, you gain access to our highly competitive wholesale natural gas pricing. Unlike the offerings of major utility companies, PowerBill third-party billing provides simple, transparent information on your gas consumption. You won’t find any hidden fees, inflated administrative charges, or other deceptive business practices; just upfront information about your natural gas and a fair price.

With PowerBill, industrial operations also retain their Retailer ID, total access to your consumption information, and the freedom to make choices that make sense for your business. We provide the tools, information, and resources your business needs to simplify natural gas billing while retaining total control over your service.

Finally, PowerBill’s robust billing platform is ready to provide consolidated billing for nearly any utility service. In addition to natural gas, PowerBill also offers third-party billing for electricity, with the potential to expand our offerings to meet your operation’s unique needs. No matter the requirements, PowerBill is committed to providing complete solutions backed by industry-leading service and support.

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