The Benefits of Bundling: How PowerBill Helps You Save

Mar 30, 2021Blog, Electricity, Internet, Natural Gas

Electricity, natural gas, and internet services are everyday essentials for Albertans. We all have to pay for them, so it’s only natural to want the best deal possible. Spending less time and money on basic household needs gives you more freedom to enjoy life; bundling your utility services can make it even easier and more affordable.

PowerBill provides simple, hassle-free utility services for residential and commercial customers across Alberta. Our floating rates are some of the lowest in Alberta today; by bundling two or more of our services, Albertans can save even more while receiving dependable electricity, natural gas, and internet service. Read on to learn more about the benefits of bundling with PowerBill.

Everything You Need For Less

Everyone needs to keep the lights on, the furnace running, and the wi-fi signal strong. There are plenty of providers who can help you with one or two of these needs, PowerBill can help you do all three for less.

PowerBill proudly offers residential and commercial electricity and natural gas service across Alberta, with high-speed internet available in nearly 100 municipal jurisdictions across the province. If you’re in our service area, you can save over $100* a year by bundling your electricity, natural gas, and internet.

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One Provider, One Payment, Zero Hassle

Let’s face it: nobody wants to think about their utilities any more than they have to. In a perfect world, Albertans would only have one payment to make, one number to call for support, and one place to take care of their utility needs.

By bundling your services with PowerBill, you can manage your utilities effortlessly without having to contact (and pay!) multiple providers. Manage your account details easily through our online client portal, from arranging payments to updating contact details. Access your energy rates, readings, billing, and more from your mobile device for easy access on the go. Our paperless digital bills are easily accessible online, and a single monthly payment minimizes fees from your bank or credit card company.

Best of all, PowerBill gives you the power to make the right utility choices for your household or business. Hassle-free signup, service transfers, and cancellations make it easy to switch at any time. With no contracts or cancellation fees, PowerBill customers are free to choose the best options for them, any time.

Keep It Simple & Save

If you currently have multiple providers for your utility services, you’ve probably noticed that each provider has its own set of vague fees, hidden mark-ups, and other charges. Multiply that by the number of utilities you’re paying for, and it can be startling how much you’re spending to line corporations’ pockets!

While many of our competitors have vague or confusing language about how they bill their customers, PowerBill strives to keep things simple. No long-term contracts, no hidden fees, and electronic billing keep costs even lower for our customers. We’re proud to charge some of the lowest administration fees in the industry today and are committed to fairness and transparency in everything we do.

Looking For A Utility Company That Can Help You Save?

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