Third-Party Billing for Residential Electricity with PowerBill

Jan 11, 2022Blog, Electricity

Across Alberta, the residential rental market is becoming highly competitive for landlords and property management companies. With many big-name holdings groups offering attractive incentives for potential tenants, landlords feel pressure to provide something above and beyond. For many potential renters, signing up for and dealing with big utility suppliers can be a major pain point in their move; offering them a hassle-free, affordable solution can help your rental properties stand out in a competitive marketplace.

PowerBill has provided complete third-party billing solutions for property management companies across Alberta for more than ten years. Today, our commitment to simplicity, transparency, and value allows us to provide third-party electricity billing that makes utilities simple for landlords and tenants alike. Discover more about PowerBill third-party billing below.

Simple Utilities for Tenants

Since 2010, PowerBill has supplied utility services for residential and commercial customers across Alberta. Our flexible billing platform allows us to provide our customers with hassle-free utilities, complete with competitive wholesale pricing and industry-leading customer service.

With PowerBill third-party billing, your tenants will receive the same reliable service and industry-leading support without having to turn to the big names. Make moving quick and painless for your new tenants by having simple, straightforward utilities at their fingertips. Additionally, PowerBill gives your tenants access to the modern, time-saving features they’ve come to expect, including:

  • Competitive wholesale electricity rates
  • White-label paperless invoicing by default (paper billing as required)
  • Direct funds transfer (EFT) and credit card payment options
  • Easy account access through our online portal
  • And more!

Complete Control for Landlords

PowerBill’s platform provides total billing solutions tailored to the needs of modern property management companies. Working with us gives you the freedom to make utility decisions that make sense for your properties, all while providing transparency and accountability at every step of the way. With complete access to usage data and other in-depth reporting, PowerBill offers property management companies an unprecedented level of control over your property’s utilities.

PowerBill gives landlords the tools they need to provide the same level of service any utility company, all while saving you and your tenants the hassle of dealing with big providers.

Billing By Albertans, For Albertans

PowerBill has proudly called Alberta home for the last 20 years, and is privileged to help our friends, neighbours, and colleagues get the most out of their utility service. Unlike many companies in Alberta today, PowerBill is dedicated to providing local, expert assistance and support for landlords and tenants alike. When you reach out for support, you’ll be speaking with our Calgary-based service team, not an outsourced call centre on the other side of the world. We firmly believe the best people to help Albertans with their utility service are Albertans themselves; it’s part of our promise to provide simple, straightforward, and affordable utility services for households across Alberta.

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