Third-Party Billing Made for Albertans with PowerBill

Oct 22, 2021Blog, Third Party Billing

REAs and natural gas co-ops provide essential utility services for rural customers and communities across Alberta. They’re not like other utility companies; because they’re cooperatives made up of community members, everybody has a vested interest in ensuring simple, straightforward, affordable access to basic household needs.

Since 2010, PowerBill has provided complete third-party billing solutions for REAs and natural gas co-ops across Alberta. Today, our commitment to simplicity, transparency, and value allows us to provide industry-leading billing solutions that make providing world-class utility service simple. Learn more about how PowerBill third-party billing can help below.

Complete Billing Solutions

For over a decade, PowerBill has proudly provided utility services for residential and commercial customers across Alberta. Our robust, flexible billing software allows us to provide our customers with straightforward utility service that keeps customers informed about their energy consumption. If you believe your customers deserve upfront information about their energy consumption and charges, PowerBill is here to help.

PowerBill’s billing platform makes it easy for REAs to offer simple yet powerful billing solutions tailored to their community’s unique needs. Working with PowerBill gives your customers access to modern, time-saving features, including:

  • Paperless invoicing by default (paper billing as required)
  • Direct funds transfer (EFT) and credit card payment options
  • Easy online access through our online portal
  • And more!

PowerBill gives REAs and co-ops the tools they need to provide features and services that make life easier for your neighbours, colleagues, and customers.

Complete Control for Your Co-Op

For many REAs and natural gas co-ops, maintaining control over service offerings and customer base is critical. Unfortunately, many other third-party billing providers don’t seem to get it. At the end of the day, only you will know what’s best for your business; at PowerBill, we strive to give you the tools and information you need to make informed decisions, all while providing transparency and accountability at every step of the way.

PowerBill’s commitment to keeping it simple includes our third-party billing services. When your co-op works with us, you retain your Retailer ID, control over your customer information, and the freedom to make choices that make sense for your community. We’re committed to providing simple, transparent access to your customer data through in-depth reporting and information while helping you provide the best service for customers anywhere in Alberta.

Billing By Albertans, For Albertans

PowerBill has proudly called Alberta home for the last 20 years and is privileged to help our friends, neighbours, and colleagues get the most out of their utility service. Unlike many companies operating in our area, PowerBill is committed to providing local, expert assistance and support. When you reach out to us for support, you’ll be speaking with our Calgary-based service team, not an outsourced support team located elsewhere. We believe the best people to help Albertans with their utility service are Albertans themselves; it’s part of our promise to provide simple, straightforward, and affordable utility services for households and businesses across Alberta.

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