Third-Party Utility Billing for Industry with PowerBill

Oct 15, 2021Blog, Third Party Billing

Depending on the size or scope of an industrial operation, it may not always make sense to buy utility services from a conventional retailer. Often, large-scale operations opt to self-retail their electricity and natural gas service, using a third-party billing platform to manage their consumption and expenses. Having complete control over energy decisions can allow plants, worksites, and other facilities to maximize value and return on investment for key stakeholders.

PowerBill has proven experience offering reliable, straightforward utility services for commercial and industrial customers across Alberta. Today, we provide complete third-party billing solutions for clients looking to take full control of their electricity and natural gas. Read on to learn more about PowerBill’s third-party billing solutions for the industry below.

Complete Control Over Your Utilities

PowerBill’s robust, flexible billing platform has been key to our success. It has enabled us to provide industry-leading electricity and natural gas service for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Our straightforward solutions enable in-depth utility management, allowing industrial operations to make the right choices for their business.

PowerBill third-party billing gives industrial operations a direct connection to energy providers, pulling billing data directly for seamless service. With in-depth reporting and transparent usage data, PowerBill provides operations with the tools they need to make informed, value-adding decisions any time, all without the hassle commonly associated with other energy companies.

A Partnership You Can Trust

As an Alberta-born, Alberta-based company, PowerBill understands how important it is to provide industry-leading service our friends, neighbours, and colleagues can depend on. Transparency and accountability are non-negotiable; unfortunately, not every third-party billing provider is up to the task.

PowerBill’s commitment to integrity extends to our third-party billing partners. In addition to in-depth reporting, PowerBill strives to provide total transparency in our third-party billing services. We aim to empower your operation to make the best decisions it can by giving you all the necessary information on your energy. Best of all, we don’t hide markups or sneak hidden fees into our service offerings.

Looking for a Third-Party Billing Provider for Your Industrial Operation?

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